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Organic Food - Facts and Benefits

Organic Food - Facts and Benefits

So. Do you eat organic? 

It’s one of the more common conversations you overhear at the supermarket these days. Or perhaps you’re a convert and you can already be seen prowling around the organic section in search of delicious goodness. 

Alright, there’s a lot of hype, and we all know that organic food is supposed to be better for us. Well, here’s your definitive guide as to why that is the case.

Here are the cold hard facts. 

Is it healthier to eat organic food?

Yes. There are many health benefits of organic food over conventionally farmed food. 


Organic foods have higher nutrition content, fewer chemicals, and more antioxidants compared to their non-organic, conventionally grown cousins. Organic farming methods do not use potentially harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in the process, making organic fruit and vegetables far better for your health.

Eating organic isn’t just healthier for you - it's healthier for the environment too. Organic farming methods are more in sync with the natural seasons and cycles of the earth and don’t exploit land with heavily mechanised and chemically heavy farming processes, making organic food better for the land, wildlife, and wider community. 

How does one identify vegetables/fruits to be organic?

As a consumer sometimes it's hard to discern what's what in a supermarket aisle..

Across Australia, look out for the Department of Agriculture’s “Australian Certified Organic” label. If you’re unsure you can always research the supplier or grower just to be sure.  

Australian Certified Organic

Another way of easily recognising organic food is by choosing to shop at local organic shops or markets. This way you can build up a relationship with your local farming network. It’s also easy to buy organic foods online. The age of food delivery is upon us, and these days organic food is more widely available than ever before. Getting weekly organic food supplies delivered to your door is easier and in some cases cheaper too!

Does organic food taste better?

Not only are organic foods better for your health, but they also taste better too. Without a layer of pesticides on them, fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens all have a raw, untouched taste. The best way is to compare two fruits and see. Do a blind test if you’re a skeptic. You may be surprised. 

More generally, across a large range of foodstuffs, organics win over taste buds left-right, and centre. Without chemical additives, organic foods have a higher antioxidant content - contributing to a food’s flavour, texture, and aroma. 

Is organic food more nutritious?

The nutritional benefits of organic food are enormous. Studies show that organic foods consistently contain higher levels of antioxidants including anthocyanins, flavonoids, and carotenoids, and of course the classics: vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. 

Organic Food

This being said, the degree to which organic food is more nutritious changes with every food, some showing fewer nutritional benefits than others. The nutritional benefits of organic food also shift and change depending on how they’re handled, and cooked - as this changes the bioavailability of important nutrients within the produce. 

Is organic food worth the price?

If you’ve done a “full” shop at an exclusively organic market - you will have walked away with your pockets empty. It’s true - organic foods are notoriously expensive, but that’s changing fast. If you’re going to an organic food supplier directly, chances are you’re getting a pretty good deal, especially for the extra quality and nutritional benefit. 

Is it all worth it?

This largely depends on your lifestyle and food budget. If you’re looking to be healthier, then putting aside the extra cash every week to buy organic is by no means a huge financial decision. It’s all possible with a bit of budgeting. Plus, there’s no obligation to buy all organic. In fact, there are very few organic buyers who can claim that level of commitment. Starting out by getting your fresh produce organic is a great entry point to the world of organic food. 

The Verdict

The benefits of organic food aren’t just about personal health and well-being. Organic agriculture is better for local communities, local farmers, and the environment. 

Eating organic isn’t all about turning your back on conventional farming products, rather it’s about maximising organic products wherever you can or want to. 

Organic foods not only taste better, but they’re also more widely available both in-store and online. Get your organic food products delivered to you today - shop online at Nourishme Organics.

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