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Benefits of Kangaroo Collagen in Men's Diet

Kangaroo Collagen in men's diet

It's important for men to keep their physical and emotional wellness in the best shape they can. For those looking to help improve their cardiovascular health, sex life, general well-being and more, kangaroo collagen food supplements may be a great option.

What is collagen?

The human body contains a lot of components such as bones, muscles, tissues, skin, and tendons, all of which contain a protein known as collagen. Collagen is a strong fibrous protein consisting of amino acids, packed together and designed to be the framework that holds our bodies together. Within the dermis layer of tissue - the connective tissue that contains, sweat and oils glands, hair follicles and nerves - collagen is most abundant. Skin elasticity, strength and sense of youthfulness are all thanks to the collagen structure within our connective tissues.

As we age, our bodies begin to break down and collagen fibre levels go down too. Without collagen, our skin tissues and bodies become frail, brittle and weak. This is why elderly people's skin is softer, and bones are more brittle. Sometimes though, people may have vascular diseases that cause their immune systems to attack their own healthy tissues, causing inflammation, fatigue, muscle weakness, fevers, and arthritis.

How can hydrolysed kangaroo collagen help with men's health?

It goes without saying, we need collagen fibres within our bodies to survive. To boost health, it can be a good idea to look to alternative collagen sources. By taking collagen supplements you will be providing your body with the right resources to fight cardiovascular disease, health issues, arthritis and more.

100% Pure Hydrolysed Kangaroo Collagen 200g

Sex Drive

Without the right collagen levels in men's bodily systems, they may develop a weaker sex drive and potentially lead to impotence. Studies have shown that the articular cartilage found in kangaroo tail matrices are particularly beneficial to men's health, as it can help regulate blood flow to open capillaries in an erection. Kangaroo collagen can help keep your sex life healthy and active, and all it takes is a scoop in a smoothie.

Skin Elasticity

Collagen elastin fibres strengthen and hydrate skin, providing elasticity and youthfulness. As mentioned before, as the human body ages, collagen levels lower, causing the skin to age. Wrinkling and dryness are signs of low collagen protein. Kangaroo collagen supplements give your body the right stimulant it needs to produce its own collagen proteins, to start repairing skin cells and relieve dryness.

Joint Pain

Joint pain can be very common for those who do a lot of physical work, so it's a good idea to get on top of it before anything serious happens such as arthritis. The articular cartilage between joints break down with overuse and age. Studies have shown people with osteoarthritis have had improvements to joint stiffness and pain by taking collagen supplements on a daily basis. Kangaroo tail matrices are strong with fibrous proteins that can help repair, rejuvenate and relieve any joint paints.

Cardiovascular Health

Much like the rest of your body, collagen is what holds arteries and blood vessels together, which provide blood flow to your heart and throughout your body. People with cardiovascular health issues may have low collagen levels, which can cause the arteries can become brittle, and less elastic. As vessels become harder and less elastic, blood flow slows, potentially leading to a heart attack or stroke. The elastin fibres found in kangaroo collagen, help build up the elasticity of veins, vessels and arteries, promoting better cardiovascular health.

Tissue Repair

The pain caused by working out is the tiny muscle fibres tearing and repairing themselves. This is what builds and strengthens muscles, but it can be painful. About an hour before a workout, it's found that taking a scoop of collagen supplements can help build and repair the damaged muscle tissue, and help relieve the pain. Amino acid works to repair and build the tissue, leading to stronger and healthier muscles.

Strengthen Bones

Collagen is the main component alongside calcium that makes bones. This is why they're so strong, and can take the weight of a body. But as mentioned before, collagen levels lower as the human body ages, thus so does bone density. A lower bone density leaves them prone to fractures and breakages. The proteins within collagen supplements help provide the structure and support needed to make healthy bones.

Mental Health

As your body operates, repairs and rejuvenates itself so does your brain. Usually, you can feel this when you're being active and living a healthy lifestyle, your body is getting the right resources it needs to be healthy, and the same goes for your brain. Much like the rest of our bodies, the brain is an organ that needs sustenance. Collagen works alongside a good diet and healthy lifestyle in helping the brain feel good and lowering anxiety, leading to a positive mindset.

How to use kangaroo collagen supplements?

If you're unsure about how to take or even buy kangaroo collagen supplements, fear not, NourishMe Organics has you covered. You can purchase 100% Pure Hydrolysed Kangaroo Collagen here, and simply add a teaspoon to any hot or cold beverage of your choice, once a day.

We, at NourishMe Organics, have a range of products from Australian collagen peptides, such as hydrolysed beef, kangaroo and donkey collagens, to a wide variety of gut health supplements. Either order directly from our website or come swing by our store in Victoria and meet our friendly team of gut health experts.


Where does the Kangaroos used in your product come from? This product is made from kangaroo hides that are typical disposed of and wasted by Kangaroo meat processors.

Up-cycling is a method whereby value is extracted from a waste stream, reducing the burden to dispose of such materials.

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