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Jason Bawden Smith on Light Water and Magnetism Simplified

Jason Bawden Smith on Light Water and Magnetism Simplified


I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Bawden Smith. He is making waves in the mitochondria world. He is an environmental scientist with expertise in heavy metal toxicity, mostly lead poisoning. He started a company called JBS environmental and that has grown in 25 years to become the number 1 contaminated land toxicity company. He has also found a passion for mitochondrial health. Read on to learn about deuterium depleted water and how it can help you, why you should move near the equator if you have a chronic illness, how to scope out the safest spots with an EMF meter, and how blue-blocking glasses can boost your overall well being.

How Did Your Health Journey Start?

I started a very successful business, but the problem of working so hard was that I worked myself into sickness. I never saw the sun and I worked 6 days a week for 25 years. While success is great, I was so disconnected from nature and so addicted to technology and business. It was the thrill of the game. If you want to know exactly where I came from and what I do I wrote a book called “Making Waves.” 

After years and years of working like this, I had 20 chronic diseases. I was chronically ill throughout my whole body. 

I had:

-A heart attack



-High blood pressure

-A lot of pain

-and much more

BUT I am very resilient, I am like a truck you can't knock me down. So I further ignored all my illnesses, never got tested and never cared. That was until my knees went and I could not walk. I thought I am in trouble now so I better get checked out. Once I got tested I tried everything to get better. I tried all the best specialists, every diet, and nothing really worked. Some things helped but they didn't completely work. 

This is where I ended up stumbling upon the research of Professor Wallace. He studies mitochondrial dysfunction and has been researching it over the last 30 years. He has now proven that “80% of all chronic diseases are related to mitochondrial dysfunction.’” When I went to University and did all of the biologies we never got told anything about that. We were told that the mitochondrial is the powerhouse of the cell but that was about it. Then I learned the teachings of Dr Jack Kruse (You can read more about him, light management and microbiome on his interview HERE) and thought everything was nonsense. But he has dug deeper into this work and he has now said that 95% of all chronic diseases are related to mitochondrial dysfunction!

I could not believe that I spent my life learning the impact of the environment on human health and I didn’t know this science. I was brought up to believe that the sun was evil and I shouldn't go near it. It was hard to believe that you could get well by going to the beach and eating oysters. I was desperate and not getting better so I figured I would try it. I followed the protocol and I got better and better. When I started adding in the Deuterium Depleted Water that was it, I became young again and my energy was back.

sunrise and circadian rhythm

Jack Kruse’s Event In Mexico

I felt SO good but I still didn't believe it. I ended up going to Jack Kruse's event down in Mexico. I was expecting to see patients but there were 75 members there and we were all running around town with our blue blocker glasses on. You would meet at sunrise at the beach and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Most of these strangers were doctors. 

For Example There was a doctor from Harvard medical school who called bullshit on Jacks' ability to read the MRI’s from a quantum perspective and identify all of these diseases. One day on the beach Kruse was there with an MRI Scan with 10-15 doctors around him and he was explaining all of these white dots on it. He was told by the head of radiology and all the XRAY experts that there is no way he could interpret those scans in that way. He proved it could be done.

Another story: Another doctor worked at a celebrity hospital. He had access to all of the medical knowledge including traditional and alternative medicine. He had every tool and he still couldn't get better. It wasn't until he sat down with Jack’s doctor group and was introduced to the QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics) and since he has been adopting the same protocols that I used he has gotten better. 

He had discovered all the answers to chronic diseases. The techniques are so simple. They are not easy to do because you need to change your lifestyle but they are 3rd-grade school simple.

Deuterium Depleted Water And How It Helps Mitochondrial Health

Deuterium is a heavy form of hydrogen and it is found in any natural water. You want the ppm of Deuterium to be around 140ppm or less to receive the benefits of Deuterium depleted water. You can buy some HERE. In Australia, the drinking water runs at 153ppm and seawater is 155ppm. I tested the whole country because I wanted to prove Kruse wrong. But he was right, Australian water runs from 149-163ppm. There are 3 aspects to this:

-Altitude, the higher you go the lower the ppm’s

-Latitude, closer to the poles the lower it is

-Geology, where does the water sit before you take it? In a well, the limestone caves naturally deplete the deuterium. 

At the moment we are importing deuterium water from overseas. The main countries are: 





They are using a fractional distillation process. This is similar to the oil industry where they get different diesel and petroleum products at different fractions. They can also do this with hydrogen. They boil it, condense it down, then capture the lighter diffraction. It is expensive and inefficient. It goes against my environmental principles because I want to make the smallest impact that I can and it takes a lot of energy.

New techniques are coming out and they have been used in a lab setting to see how obtainable they are. I think that deuterium depleted water (DDW) is going to be one of the most powerful medicines. We are going into a society where everyone's mitochondria are trashed. 

Mitochondrial health is the secret to all health and it is VERY simple. The health industry does not have a good balance sheet because they are thinking into this too much and we are still all getting sick. 95% of the population isn't going to listen to this and they will take the traditional route but we need to be the example. 

If your mitochondria are not working properly and you have diabetes, then you add in deuterium depleted water and do a light management program for 6 months your insulin will be back to normal. This is how powerful this system is.

blue blocker glasses

Do Blue Blocker Glasses Have A Great Effect On Your Health?

If you are doubting how powerful Blue Blocking glasses are, then read this blog HERE. I ended up becoming blue light toxic. This is the light that we get out of artificial lighting whether it’s:






-Artificial light at night

After discovering Dr Jack Kruse and doing all this work, I realized that melanopsin, which is a photoreceptor, gets severely damaged by blue light, especially at night. In 2017 I found out that melanopsin is not just the photo rector in your eye but it is also in your subcutaneous fat and in your arteries. Now we have to protect our skin as well. I started wearing my cricket outfit (hat included) and blue-blocking glasses at dinner. My family thought I was absolutely nuts. 

I also wear blue-blocking glasses at night even though I have perfect vision. We try to optimise our health in the best ways we can. -Kriben Govender


Why Have You Chosen Your Mission Statement?

My Mission Statement is: Become a Mitochondriac and help us reverse chronic illness in 100 million people by 2030.

This is the reason why I am doing this. I watched my mother suffer from chronic diseases since the day I was born. She had every childhood disease and she had gotten worse over time. 

People die in 3 ways:

-Neurological Damage

-Heart Problems

-Gut Problems (Cancer)

Those are the three primary ways. She had dementia and died from inflammation of the brain. Now I know mitochondrial dysfunction and the process that it takes. We forget that we lose 10% of our mitochondrial function every decade as part of our natural aging and death process. We are most likely meant to live until 100 but most of us only make it to 80. We are compromising our natural life span by the lifestyles we choose. I was doing this as well. I was watching myself become my mother. I could see the gradual decline in myself as I saw in her.

If I knew then what I know now, she would still be alive today. On her deathbed, she said, “Jason, you know what killed me, you may not know it yet but when you find it you're going to tell the world.” That is the main reason that I am doing this. My motivation is deep at a core level. 

oysters and minerals

What Are Some Strategies That We Can Implement To Improve Our Overall Well Being?

1. Get up with the sun! Make it to the best place that you can see the sunrise. It doesn't matter if you are on a beach but gets outside barefoot on the grass. If you are lucky enough to live near the coast then go down to the beach! Get into a contemplative state Sit down and connect with different energies such as:

The Sun-Father Energy

The Earth- Mother Energy

Watch the sun directly come up the horizon. Be careful because once it gets higher you don't want to look directly at it. Stay here as long as you can but 3 minutes is enough to set your circadian rhythm and get your hormones and clocks running. I try to stay out until it gets to the UVA stage and this is within 30-60 minutes. The UVA turns off a lot of the hormones that have been triggered. You don't want them running all day AND then go into blue light all day….you will be putting your body into biochemical chaos. If you work in an office, strive to get 10 minutes out in the sun every couple of hours. You may wonder about the cell towers outside harming you but most of the buildings are made of glass. Glass does not block any signals it is useless as a shield. Also, try to get home as early as you can and take a walk. Don't stay late at work, it is not good for you and it is disrespectful to your family and your health. Remember when you get home to put on your blue-blocking glasses!

2. Eat nutritious foods! When it comes to food, you want to focus on natural sources of DHA and minerals. The best thing to eat is oysters. Honestly, I don't like oysters but I eat 3 dozen a week. But it is a form of medicine and they are GREAT. My DHA was trashed because of all of the blue light toxicity so I have to rebuild it and that is why I personally eat so many. Also, make sure to eat seasonally and local! Find a local butcher who does grass-fed all the way. There will also be farmers that don't use pesticides but cannot call it organic because it's an expensive certification. Take advantage of these places.

3. Be wary of electromagnetic fields! I use THIS meter in my house. I will give you an example of why I like it: everywhere in my house runs at 2 dots because of microwaves. I am surrounded by cell towers. Ideally, you want it to read at zero dots. I built my house partly into the ground because it blocks the EMF since it is connected to the soil! I had a lady come out to my house with all of her meters and she said: “I could live here.” She lives in the blue mountains which is an hour and a half drive up in the mountains from Sydney. The levels in my house were lower than hers. I use certain techniques and I take extra minerals such as:

-Potassium & Sodium Mix (⅔ sodium ⅓ potassium chloride.) We are all very short on magnesium, potassium, iodine, and selenium. If I am having a high blue light toxicity day I drink straight deuterium depleted water. The sodium chloride that I use is Celtic sea salt. The darker the salt the more fluoride and I don't recommend fluoride. I know that it has a dielectric effect in water and I don't want my redox compromised at all. You get more fluoride in Himalayan salt than you ever will in water. I also use oysters for selenium, magnesium and other elements. My pool uses magnesium as a disinfectant instead of salt. Australians are naturally depleted because we do not have volcanoes. This means that we do not have a lot of minerals because they are all washed out into the ocean. We have to be careful to have lots of minerals it is VERY important. We don't need a pinch of salt we need a punch of salt! 

magnetic fields and health

Are There Unique Challenges In Australia Vs Other Parts Of The World?

Kruse calls it the 3 legged stool. I call it nature’s 3 secrets. Light Water And Magnetism. We have a lot of UV and infrared light so we do not have trouble with light. Our problem is magnetism. This is the natural current or voltage. These are the magnetic fields that occur naturally in the magma. Australia has no volcanoes. We need to be wary of this and try to travel to a place with an active volcano! Such as:



-New Zealand


If you are sick, try to make your way close to the equator. There is no known case of multiple sclerosis on the equator! This is because of the circadian mismatch. If you are living in Melbourne and you are not getting any sun, you are surrounded by blue light, and EMF 24/7 then you are not going to be healthy and your circadian rhythm will be off. 93% of our time is spent indoors. You were not designed biologically to be surrounded by all of these things. Or biology evolved with nature's frequencies. We took ourselves out of this and turned ourselves into a zoo animal. We spend all of our time indoors with artificial technology and light and then wonder why we are getting sick. When you understand how mitochondrial health works then you will understand that you need these natural frequencies or you are going to get sick.

Another issue is autoimmunity. It is very high in Australia and high in most modern civilizations. All chronic diseases are in modern cultures and not near the equator. This is because they have the same sun 24/7. The pacific rim is also on the equator so the magnetic fields are higher as well. These people are also very relaxed and live a calm lifestyle.  BUT we are starting to see diabetes on the rise because they are getting televisions and they are going inside more. Food is an issue as well. If you start giving these people bad food and television they are going to get diabetes. 

If you have a serious disease I would pick your favourite island + or- 20 degrees from the equator and set up camp there until you get better. Enjoy life there! There was a woman that I knew that had Huntington's disease. She did not have that much longer to live so she decided to pack up her family and move close to the equator. She is now thriving and living a great life. She looks better than ever. 

We have a predisposition to an illness but no one talks about packing up and moving to a different location, that is unheard of. If you are reading this and you have a disease, the best thing may be to pack up and move somewhere near the equator.- Kriben Govender

You cannot get well in the environment that made you sick in the first place.

We knew the environment we were in was kind of important but it is the MOST important. The rest is secondary. You must focus on the environment first ...If you are going to live in an apartment in the middle of a city and go to work in those environments and not see the sun you are going to get sick and die early. This is a fact. This is a new science that may have been hidden from us... I never heard about it and I spent 8 years at school. Trust this science and prevent the chronic disease that is becoming more prevalent.

technology and mitochondrial health

What Are Your Thoughts On Younger People Growing Up With This Technology?

It is up to the younger people to lead the way. I told my daughter that breast cancer was linked to a lack of UV light on the body parts that never see the sun so she started to sunbathe topless. My daughter now understands that we need sun and I have high hopes that she will spread this information. My wife is a vegetarian she has not touched meat since she was 9. She is now eating fish. This is because she has seen the change in me. You can't tell people what to do, you have to show them! 

If you start light management you will feel so fresh after you sleep. Insomnia and dehydration are the biggest problems with younger people. Dehydration is caused by microwaves. Think about it, when you put a piece of meat in the microwave it dehydrates. The frequencies that a microwave uses is 2.4 gigahertz. Wifi and Bluetooth use the same frequencies. While the power intensity of a microwave is much higher it is only on for a short amount of time. Your wifi is on all day and night. Just because you have a lower dose doesn’t mean it's better because you have a MASSIVE exposure time. 

You need to get tested for dehydration. The best test for intracellular dehydration is a blood urea nitrogen test. This is used for kidney tests but it is the best option. It is a standard blood test. Anyone with chronic fatigue is dehydrated. Their mitochondria are not making low deuterium water. Mitochondria make two by-products these are: Carbon dioxide and Water. Without the deuterium depleted water, all the signalling in your body will not function properly. If you aren't producing good water, you are going to get sick and die early. 

We need to get our mitochondrial function back to proper levels so we don't have to drink deuterium depleted water which costs a lot of money, we will just naturally make our own. Be the example and lead the way. Practice light management, get into nature as much as you can, and people will see that you are energized. 

I was at a nutrition conference and I was sitting near the front because I ran around the room and tested where was the best place to sit with the lowest amount of EMF was. You can use this device wherever you are. It is a small device and no one has to know that you are scoping out the best spots. Examples like those are the best way to improve health for the younger generations surrounded by technology. 

If There is One Thing That Someone Could Do For Their Health What Will It Be?

Understand how great you are. People have been told for too long that they aren't worthy or good enough. If we understand who we are then all the answers that you want in life will come through. Sit down outside in the morning and be the best you can be. Once you do this, magic happens! You can also take a quiz HERE to see how good your mitochondria health is. Try your best to see the sunrise every day, live by the natural rise and set of the sun, wear blue-blocking glasses, avoid high EMF, drink deuterium depleted water and watch your health change drastically. And remember if you are severely sick, pick up and head to the Equator and heal. Share this with a friend that would benefit from this knowledge!

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