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The Impact of Non Native Electromagnetic Fields on Health

The Impact of Non Native Electromagnetic Fields on Health
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Have you ever thought that your beloved WiFi signal could be doing more damage than good? I had the pleasure of speaking with Patrick Van Der Burght. He is a man of many hats and has been a pilot, scuba diver, a real estate agent, and is currently on the team at Geovital Academy. Geovital conducts EMF “home makeovers” and helps you live a happier, healthier life. Read on to learn about why everyone's bedroom should get tested for electromagnetic fields, why you should not keep your phone on person at all times, how gut health is connected to EMF’s, and quick fixes you can make today to create a safer future for tomorrow!

What Got You Interested in Electronic Pollution?

My family was faced with a health crisis years ago and trying to deal with it forced us to go into alternative approaches for health. It didn't take long to bump into the subject of electronic pollution, radiation, and EMF. I started researching this and it led me to my mission. I aligned myself to a company called Geovital Academy, which was originally a naturopathic health center. 

They expanded into the electronic pollution subject from working with patients and seeing a trend. Everything with them was scientifically accredited and this struck a chord with me. I trained with them and then took these skills to Australia. I created a website in English and this opened up inquiries from everywhere. Fast forward to now, we are training consultants to:

-Assess their homes

-Assess other peoples homes

We assess people's homes from a holistic perspective and we work on logical solutions designed to fit into that holistic approach. You don't have to fix it all now but you should make something that is suitable for a long period of time. We see a lot of people come in that have chronic issues and want to be helped. BUT we also have a lot of people that want to optimise their health because they don't want to get into these areas of chronic health issues.
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What Is The Crisis You Faced That Led You To This?

My wife was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was on the side of her head where she would use her cell phone. She was an executive sales representative for a very long time. We went down the path of conventional medicine which backfired terribly so there wasn't an option for it anymore. We looked for other ways to help such as bioresonance therapy. It worked very well and the cancer shrunk half a millimeter. The difference between growing and shrinking is enormous. 

This triggered an interest and we found we could help other people with this. We looked into buying this instrumentation, and the prices range from $20,000- $40,000 so it was not cheap. We started buying this equipment to set up a clinic and you have to be conscious of saying that we were not treating cancer. We said we were helping the body fix itself. As I was reading the manuals, all of them stated to set your equipment up in an area that is free of electronic pollution and geopathic stress.

We were then on a quest to figure all of this out. It follows the whole principle that health is restorative and the body aims to repair it while we sleep. We have 24 hours in a day and to some extent, we are designed to wear down during the day. At night, the pathways are ready to fix ourselves. The problem is that the average bedroom is inundated with this irritation from low-level radiation. (Which is sadly well above the levels where the government says it's perfectly fine to be exposed to.) We are exposed to these fields and it is constantly harassing our bodies during sleep. We can't expect our bodies to work optimally under these circumstances. 

You can worry about the daytime exposure like wifi and bluetooth, but this is everywhere and we cannot avoid it. BUT if we look at a day, you have 24 hours. And 8 of those you are in your bedroom. You have a lot of control of what you are exposed to in the bedroom and those are the most important hours. Fix that bedroom and watch what happens. 

What is Electro Pollution?

Electro Pollution is made up of man-made radiation (it all has to do with energy). You can break this down into two parts:

-Radio Frequency Radiation- Anything that is being transmitted through the air. This includes: phone towers, smart meters, cordless phones, bluetooth, baby monitors, and everything that doesn't require wires. These can be shielded!

-Low-Frequency Radiation- This deals with powering and electricity. This radiation comes from: the power station where the electricity is made, the power lines, the substations, local lines running through your streets, cable coming to your house, solar panels, and your inverter if you have solar panels to name a few. There are subtypes of this as well including:

  1. Magnetic Fields-  These should be avoided at all costs! They are caused by current, the flow of electricity. This means that when electricity flows, we get a magnetic field that rotates that source. With local distribution lines running up and down the street, that source can reach quite a long way into a property, especially a corner property. It takes much longer to get to lower levels. They penetrate everything even if you try to shield against them. If there is one thing you are going to take away from this, it is that any property should be assessed for magnetic fields, especially if you are going to purchase or rent a home. You should NOT fail to measure this. 

  2. Electric Fields- They are caused by voltage. Imagine your house: Imagine you are turning off everything in your house including the lights and devices. BUT power is available. That means that there is voltage all around you. There are cables in the walls that have voltage and all of this voltage, unless they are shielded cables (which are rare), will emit an electric field that will come out 2 meters from the source. If you put your mattress against your bedroom wall, this field will come right out onto your bed. We are lying in this field. This field extends out at the frequency of the electricity so you have an electric field coming out every second engulfing all of your cells. You have electrical receptors and there is constant harassment going on all night long while you are trying to recoup and recover. This is a major issue in bedrooms that we often fix. 

Our company can do pre-purchase inspections, so we can check all of this before you put your signature down. You can also do a lot of testing yourself with THIS meter. The local distribution lines that are going down the street will surprise you with how much of a magnetic field they can produce. They are attached to all of these electrical systems. If something goes wrong in 1-2 houses, that magnetic field gets even worse. 

You must not fail to measure any new property with a quality meter. You would be horrified to go house hunting and see how many houses you’d pass on based off of this information. If you didn't have a meter in hand, you may end up with a problem that even professionals can't fix.

Those are the different sources of radiation that we measure. It is the magnetic fields that we have to take notice of. That is the unfixable one and it should be avoided at all costs.
cell towers

How Does Magnetic Radiation Affect The Body?

This website gives you a lot of information on it. It is the collective work of 29 international authors with 22 PhD’s. They researched the available literature and came up with a 1,600-page document of all of the data. You can search any symptom in it as a PDF and it will tell you if it was mentioned. The effects on our health can be wide-ranging because there are a lot of systems that are under fire. Oxidative stress is something that our body gets from chemical exposure. There is also research that says this happens from wifi and radiofrequency radiation exposure as well.

It is a degenerative process that affects the whole body. When smart meters were introduced, the most common symptoms that people would present were headaches and ringing ears. They may not even have known that a smart meter was installed because they were at work and someone had just changed the meter over and left but after a few weeks they noticed these changes. These detrimental effects can be:

-Fertility issues- There is a study where a fertility clinic asked 600 men “How much cell phone exposure do you have?” The fertility clinic compared the sperm samples on file and the exposure they had, and they matched perfectly. The more exposure they had the lower their sperm count was.

-DNA Damage- This is something that won’t express itself for another 5 generations and it will be too late to change anything by then. But it may be a possible effect. 

-Autism links- The number of children with autism is skyrocketing. If you go 20 years back you may have had 1 in 30,000 children with autism and now it is 2 in 40. Those figures are set to double every 4 years. If I look in my daughters' school, these numbers match up exactly. 

-Cancer- There is a study where one side of a city had more cell phone towers than the other side. On the side of town with more towers, there were more cases of cancer than there were on the other side. There was also a  school in the USA that had 4 children who had cancer in the same school. There was a phone tower on the grounds there. 

-5G- This is coming and it is set to use higher frequencies so they can transmit more data. They are implementing this stuff without any studies on the potential health effects of it. Because 5G will be using the higher frequencies, there will be less penetrating power to get through your walls. This means that they will need A LOT of transmitters throughout the street so they can get through your windows. Our exposure is getting worse all of the time…..

I have a food background so my whole paradigm was really focused on food, the process, and what goes into it to treat my anxiety and depression. I did have some really good results, but in the back of my mind there was always this nagging question or feeling that there is something more. I thought there was a blindspot that I was missing out on. It was really when I started to follow the work of Dr. Jack Kruse when I got the big AHA!!! moment. This could be the blindspot, you really don't know what you don't know. That blindspot for me was this whole “electrosmog”, the pollution, and the rise of the use of technologies including the impact of artificial light. I think this is a concern.-Kriben Govender.

There is also research indicating that our sympathetic nervous system gets activated when we are exposed to this radiation type. The nervous system has two states that it can be in:

The parasympathetic- The maintenance mode. It is (ideally) what you are in all of the time. It is the state where the body repairs itself. 

The sympathetic- This is your fight or flight response. It causes vasoconstriction, your blood pressure goes up because it is getting you ready for this “emergency” your body gets ready for this but it also slows down your digestion. This is one of the things at play. Start up your computer and turn on your WiFi system and look at the available networks. This will vary but there are easily 10 signals on that list. If you are in the city there may be 40 signals on that list and that is just WiFi. That is not including:


-Cell Phone Towers

-Radiation of one tower talking to another

All of this stuff you are exposed to may trigger that sympathetic nervous system all of the time. That would mean your digestion and gut health is suffering. Then we will be wondering are we getting the nutrients from our food? We may not be if we are constantly harassed into this fight or flight mode.

The gut could be getting irritated because we know that the vagus nerve in the gut connects to the brain and that there is cross-talk happening between them. We also have this source of irritation from radiation that may be exacerbating the problem. This is triggering that fight or flight response.-Kriben Govender

sleep and electricity

What Are The Effects on Melatonin?

Melatonin peaks at night. When we lived in caves, it would slowly start to get dark and we might have a fire going but generally light was dying down. That was a signal to the body to start the repair process. This is where melatonin hormones start increasing and it is a strong antioxidant. Melatonin is like your clean up crew. Nowadays we are spending time before bed:

-On our phones

-Watching TV 

-Absorbing blue light 

Until the moment when we are ready for bed is when we turn off all of these devices and light. This is giving us this spectrum of light that we were not exposed to in caves. You can buy these glasses to help you fight against one of these irritants. Keep the blue light away! 

The man-made radiation that we are exposed to will also affect this. This radiation wasn't around a billion years ago. Our bodies don't know how to interrupt that. You may turn the blue light devices off and go to bed but if you are still exposed to your wifi signal or others from your neighbors, your body is still perceiving that it still has light hitting it. That melatonin will be  delayed or not even turn on these repair processes.

Dr. Kruse elaborates quite a bit HERE on the impacts of light on the microbiome. There is a whole story between light and melatonin. We have to remember that we are a whole organism. In the modern-day, we separate things into different fields that specialist focus on but I like the holistic approach that we are one being.-Kriben Govender

What Are The “Potential Solution” Products That We Have To Watch Out For?

Disclaimer: I don't have experience with every single product out there. This is all an observation, take it with a grain of salt:

Cell Phones: 

There are a lot of gadgets that have wonderful claims that say “Put this on your phone and neutralize/harmonize/balance the radiation.'' Look at this logically, if you have a cell phone that produces radiation then any barrier that is going to reduce radiation would have to be covering the whole phone and be between your head and your phone. Putting something on the back of your phone to help you with the radiation that comes towards your head doesn't make sense. I have never seen them make a difference, even when I tested with a meter. It could be that something supports you on an energetic level but to say that you are protected and not to worry anymore is not true. You are still exposed but it may not exhaust you as much anymore.

Shielding should be between you and the phone. Some cases have metal in the lid and when you close your phone the sound can go through the hole. There are also fabric bags that will cover the entire phone. 

Another myth is that hands-free is better because your phone is further away.  Do not put it in your pocket next to your reproductive area. Put it in a bag instead. Also, with earbuds, the radiation can go up the wire into your ears. If you want to have a hands free setup you can use an air tube headset. An electrical cable goes through a speaker that sits on your chest and then it goes up like a stethoscope. These little tubes go up to your ears so the radiation stops and doesn't go in your head. This has more merit than the little speakers that go all the way up to your ear. 

Distance is your friend with cell phones. Speaker phone is always the best. Put it on the table in front of you and talk because for every 10 centimeters you lose 25% of the radiation. If it is in front of you instead of in your hand that makes a MASSIVE difference. 


There are modalities that can test if particular crystals have a strengthening effect on you but regardless of how many crystals you put around someone's bedroom the radiation exposure is identical. Crystals don't reduce radiation exposure. The right ones may make you feel better but they do not reduce it.

light bulbs

What Can People Do In Their Homes Right Now?

There is enough research that shows that cordless technology triggers the sympathetic nervous system and there are many health risks. My first recommendation would be to remove all of your wireless technology. Turn off your wifi router, put network switches into places, and put cables into your house. If you get withdrawal symptoms when you turn the wifi off then maybe ease your way into it and just start at night from 11pm-7am. 

If you have a cordless phone, more phones will transmit all the time non-stop even when no call is happening. If you want to have the convenience of a cordless phone, some have EcoMode. These phones, even when they are not on the base, just listen for the call and do not transmit to each other.

Game computers: These are well known for looking like they are turned off and they are doing all of this activity in the background including downloading new software. Unplug these gaming computers!

Lightbulbs: The best light bulbs are the fluorescent light bulbs with the glass but they are the worst light bulbs in the energy-saving family. The best energy-efficient light bulb is a non-dimmable LED. Buy quality LED light bulbs and replace them! 

Solar Panels are good for our environment but they aren't good for your environment. They have their own magnetic field and the inverters can produce a magnetic field as well. They produce dirty electricity and it is not something you should delve into uneducated.

How Does a Meter Help Assess Our Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields?

If we look at your house, you want to measure your magnetic field exposure. We have a Trifield TF2 device, an entry-level affordable unit that is available in the market. It measures magnetic fields, electric fields, and radio frequency radiation. I have done tests comparing this meter on the magnetic field side of things with other expensive professional level meters and this has been keeping this up nicely. Take this house hunting and investigate! With a gauss meter in hand you can measure the: 

-Local distribution lines, the ones running up and down the streets

-The wiring in the house if it is done incorrectly then it can cause big magnetic fields as well. 

Those may be fixable but your meter will alert you to this when otherwise you wouldn't know if this was going on. Magnetic fields are the most important to measure and that is the strength of this meter. It also has electric field settings but it measures the air and not the body. Even if that meter indicates very low levels it is still enough for us to be worried. 95% of bedrooms are inundated with electric fields.

You can watch how to use this meter HERE. In most countries, the exposure standard of magnetic fields where they say “as long as it is under this you will be fine” is 1000 milligals. BUT  effects start from 1 milligals up!! 

-2 milligals is rendered to melatonin being blocked in its natural anti cancer action

-1.6 is linked to doubling the risk of sperm abnormalities

-1 milligal, when they looked at kids with leukemia and their mortality rate, they found that if kids were exposed to 1-2 milligals, their mortality rate was 260% higher than the kids that were exposed to just 1 milligals. 

That is why our industry stresses that you want to be under 1 milligals. I am not saying that between 1-2 gives you Leukemia. But when we look at our immune system and keep it going in the right direction vs the wrong direction. We can see with this study that between 1-2 milligals makes a difference.

If you are a little over it may not be a reason to move somewhere else but ideally your house should be 0.3 milligals.

bedroom and electricity

Why You Should Have a Professional Assess Your Bedroom.

There are a lot of things you can do around your house that you can start today but in the bedroom you will need help. But do not worry because there are EMF consultants that can help you. We would look at the daytime areas of your house but the attention will be moved into your bedroom.

These consultants would check the magnetic field and then the electric fields that are emitted from the wiring. One of the people there would be asked to lay in the bed and their partner would measure their foot for electric field exposure. The couple would be assisting us while we turn circuit breakers on and off and see which circuits are responsible for this exposure. If we can terminate these breakers at night, those electric fields don't exist anymore. 

We also measure radio-frequency. Your body's a big antenna and instead of measuring the air we would measure the body in bed. If the levels are too high we would recommend shielding. This is a paint that you can apply in your bedroom. You create a box and paint each wall and possibly the ceiling or floor.

This is very important if you have kids and even more important if you have girls. When we talk about genetic material, sperm cells take 4 months to mature and with girls they have all eggs on board. We don't know how this is affecting them. All girls bedrooms need to be shielded. 

I embarked on the journey to get my house assessed because with kids we don't know what the fallout will really be. I took the proactive strategy to do everything I can with the best of my ability to protect my children and give them the best quality life I can. We also have kill switches. If there is no electricity coming through the circuit then it turns it off. You are creating a “pure as you can” sleeping environment with no electricity coming through the walls.-Kriben Govender

If There Is One Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Health, What Would It Be?

Sleep is where your body fixes itself so it has to be perfect! To some extent, stop focusing on what you are exposed to during the day. It is important but sleep matters most! Make sure that you are not exposing yourself to blue light after dark, grab yourself an
EMF meter and analyze your home or potential home, and be wary of devices that promise to eliminate your radiation exposure. Share this with a friend or family member that needs to be aware of this information!

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