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Red Light Therapy and Anti-Ageing

Red Light Therapy and Anti-Ageing

So you’ve heard about red light therapy and you’re here to see what this is all about. 

Don’t worry it’s not a new age tanning method. And no, red light won’t give you large muscles or make you red. 

Red light therapy is actually a well-known and widely used piece that has many health benefits from anti-aging, promoting healthy skin, hair, and easing inflammation. 

In fact, it was first used by scientists to help grow plants in space…

Whoa there. Let’s start from the beginning. 

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy or RLT is a process where low ultra-low frequency wavelengths of light are applied to the skin which in turn boosts the energy levels of the skin on a cellular level. Scientific studies and trials of RLT show that users experience “significantly improved skin complexion, skin feeling, and reduced skin roughness”. Anyone who wants to do RLT for skin rejuvenation can easily purchase a device or visit a spa for specialised treatment.

Red light therapy and anti-ageing

RLT is highly effective at treating skin disorders and can smooth out rough and wrinkled patches almost anywhere on your body. Instead of using creams and serums which only sit on the surface of your skin, red light actually penetrates deep into the skin and works to repair cells more efficiently and comprehensively.

As such, red light therapy is one of the most useful anti-ageing tools available to anyone who wants a simple and proven method to reduce the effects of ageing. 

Red Light Therapy Benefits

There are several health benefits for anyone hoping to heal and repair skin damage and sidestep the worst of those frustrating wrinkles. Want to see results? Here's how a red light therapy device can help the body:

1. Boosts collagen production

Collagen is the substance that makes our skin elastic, hydrated and soft. Collagen is also linked with thicker hair and stronger nails. Studies show that red light therapy protects existing collagen levels in the body, while also promoting the production of more. More collagen doesn’t just mean better skin, it also means healthier bones and muscles.

2. Combats wrinkles and fine lines

RLT is highly effective at reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. By applying low-frequency light waves to affected areas, the light can penetrate deep into the skin and supply cells with energy to heal faster and promote circulation between blood and tissue cells. 

3. Helps with scars and wound healing 

Red light therapy can assist in the body’s tissue repair and healing process. By giving skin cells the power they need to heal faster, injuries like burns and infected wounds, and scarring are all subject to faster healing times and less damage overall.

4. Sunspots, blemishes, acne, and discolouration 

Red light therapy is known to combat exterior blemishes, acne, and other discolouration from long-term sun exposure. Sunlight is good for our skin, but it also comes with harmful Ultraviolet light (UV) rays that can damage the skin over the long term. RLT on the other hand, is completely risk-free with no adverse effects from overexposure. 

5. Anti-inflammatory and anti-pain 

While the effects are still being linked scientifically, many of the symptoms that RLT treats have something to do with inflammation in the skin. It is clear from related research that red light therapy has anti-inflammatory properties, and can assist in healing and reducing pain in affected areas. 

Are there any side effects of RLT?

As a non-invasive and completely natural therapy, there are no adverse side effects of RLT. Because there are no ultraviolet rays involved, there is practically zero harm in us using the therapy to help with anti-aging or other recovery purposes. Remember to use caution and consult a healthcare professional if you notice any abnormal side effects. 

Can I do red light therapy from home?

The good news is yes, you can. Red light therapy benefits are easily obtained from the comfort of your home. And because it’s completely non-invasive (the wand doesn’t even need to touch your skin) the process of applying RLT is extremely easy to do without extra help. You can of course find spas that offer RLT sessions, however, if you want to see the benefits on your skin - it’s best to have regular exposure. Visiting a spa every second day can get pretty expensive, but home-use devices are gaining popularity fast as a cheap and simple way of reaping red light therapy benefits. 

How can I try red light therapy?

For best results, you’ll want to secure your very own Mini Red Light Therapy Panel. Available at our Nourishme Organics online store, these home units are equipped with the latest LED technology. Benefits include:

  • Easy installation with a hook and floor stand 
  • Easy to work on your own with self-controlled wavelength settings 
  • Zero EMFs, WiFi, or timers 
  • Minimal heat production - great for longer use times

The verdict 

Red light therapy benefits include effectively reducing wrinkles and signs of ageing via applying low-frequency light to affected areas of skin, boosting cellular function, and collagen production in a safe and controlled environment. Going to the spa can get pretty expensive with treatment sessions running into the hundreds of dollars, however, a home RLT kit can be a far cheaper option for safe and easy application from the comfort of your home. 

Want to start your anti-aging regime today? Get free shipping on your Red Light Therapy Panel at Nourishme Organics today.

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